Now you won’t find it in the Collins dictionary but it came from a good source of mine who mentioned she suffered from this condition she called FOMO. Me being me didn’t ask what it was at the time, however weeks later I finally clicked!!!

Holy moly – it’s a Fear Of Missing Out!!!

So you can only imagine my relief… To know that it’s real, AND that there’s a name for it. So I feel it’s only fair that I share this with you so you can check if this is a condition perhaps that’s been getting in the way of your business and life.

Perhaps it’s created busy NESS not productivity, it’s made you overwhelmed not in control, and you have felt guilty when you should have looked after your own health and happiness.

What I now know is this…

If we don’t look after US first then everything else suffers. For many years I was a YES girl. No not that yes girl, but the one who went to everything, was always available if someone needed an extra hand, made sure everyone else was happy before myself. But in the end I was the one who suffered. Lack of sleep, over-committed, feeling stressed trying to keep the peace.

After too many years of being this YES girl now was time to make some changes. Great changes, new rules (maybe not the right word here, maybe boundaries is better) and start making them work for ME. So I could be the best version of myself.

I am a social butterfly and I find with all the events and invitations I receive I don’t want to miss out (FOMO) so I say yes to them all – well not anymore .

So these are my Five NEW boundaries:

  1. Only two nights out per week (school nights– weekends not included)
  2. Put myself first regardless – otherwise who suffers the consequences
  3.  Be available to friends and family for support however let others step in when possible – you’ve got to train them slowly!
  4. Be kind to yourself – this is a biggy and one I have to continually practice

WOW – feels great doesn’t it. Knowing that it’s ok to say NO and you won’t hurt anyone’s feeling, realising that you don’t have to solve every situation, that someone else can do it, or just making sure that your own health and happiness is a high priority means that the amazing person that is YOU can truly shine.