For many years as my business grew I felt I needed to say yes to every client that contacted me. Other than making me incredibly stretched trying to do everything in my business it also meant that many of these clients weren’t really ideal.

Now let’s just take a few steps back and look at why I did this. Firstly I had a fear that if I said NO they would go away and choose another designer therefore I would loose a client and then I may have no work. Secondly there’s the people pleaser that wants to make sure that everyone is looked after, and while this client maybe out of your area or it isn’t work that you enjoy you say YES just so you don’t feel bad. What’s the point in that right!


What I know now is that I make MORE money working with LESS clients and I love the work that I do. Is this something you would love too?

It’s important to take the time to work out who your Ideal Client is. If we don’t know who they are HOW can we help them, how can we market to them, and how can we have a steady flow of them. Spend the time finding out what you LOVE to do, because when we are doing what we love each day it’s not work, we find it easy. Understand who needs your help and then map out services that reach out to these people.

Then most importantly make sure your marketing channels like social media, monthly newsletters and your website are speaking the right language that is going to attract these people to you. What challenges do you help them overcome, how can you make their life easier, what can you provide that they can’t do our source themselves.

If you don’t know WHO these Ideal Clients are then you are going to continue to attract more of what you DON”T want.

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