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What 3 Weeks In Hospital Taught Me

By |June 27th, 2020|Blog|

From fit and healthy one day to hospitalised the next. As we know life is precious and can change so very quickly. What I noticed during this time was that while I have made some huge changes in my lifestyle over the years for the better, that there are still some areas that could do with attention. We can either look at WHY did this happen to me and get angry OR we can look at the opportunities to better ourselves and seek out different strategies we can use going [...]

I Don’t Want To Do It On My Own Anymore!

By |June 27th, 2020|Blog|

Do you love working for yourself yet you feel alone at times? You’d love to have someone to bounce ideas off, give you a boost when your feeling low, or simply be able to share your celebrations with? I know that there’s many of you out there feeling like this because for many years I was the same. While it’s great being your own boss and having the freedom to work for yourself being a business owner can at times be very lonely. You're at that point where you can’t [...]

Are You Attracting Your Ideal Clients?

By |June 27th, 2020|Blog|

For many years as my business grew I felt I needed to say yes to every client that contacted me. Other than making me incredibly stretched trying to do everything in my business it also meant that many of these clients weren’t really ideal. Now let’s just take a few steps back and look at why I did this. Firstly I had a fear that if I said NO they would go away and choose another designer therefore I would loose a client and then I may have no work. [...]

Why I Now Love The Tax Man

By |June 27th, 2020|Blog|

After numerous years of feeling the fear each time my accountant emailed me for the tax information she required I can finally celebrate why I now love the Tax Man. For those of you who have followed my journey you will know the huge money transformation I have made. Those new to my community let me share briefly how much I have changed. ​It wasn’t that long ago that I would spend everything I had. Put money aside for the likes of GST and Tax - ah NO definitely not! [...]

Is The Timing Ever Right?

By |June 27th, 2020|Blog|

A lot of Interior Designers have asked me “How did you know when the time was right to launch your Interior Design business?” Well basically there is no right or wrong answer. There will always be a need for Interior Designers and the sooner you establish yourself  the better.  More and more homeowners are seeking out professional services ensuring they make informed decisions. If you are fully committed to your business, and you have reached the point where you are tired of: Being unhappy or unfulfilled in what you currently [...]

What The FOMO!!!!

By |June 27th, 2020|Blog|

Now you won’t find it in the Collins dictionary but it came from a good source of mine who mentioned she suffered from this condition she called FOMO. Me being me didn’t ask what it was at the time, however weeks later I finally clicked!!! Holy moly – it’s a Fear Of Missing Out!!! So you can only imagine my relief… To know that it’s real, AND that there’s a name for it. So I feel it’s only fair that I share this with you so you can check if this is [...]

For the LOVE of Money

By |June 27th, 2020|Blog|

Head over to my channel watch more of my helpful You Tube videos.   I have always LOVED money. I loved earning it, I loved spending it, I loved sharing it. But... There was one thing I had never done,  shown it respect. Pretty much the minute it had come into my account I would be thinking of how I could spend it. Now you may think …”all nice for Donna she has plenty of money!” Right! But that’s not the case at all. I’m going to be totally honest with you here. GULP (hard [...]

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