Do you love working for yourself yet you feel alone at times? You’d love to have someone to bounce ideas off, give you a boost when your feeling low, or simply be able to share your celebrations with? I know that there’s many of you out there feeling like this because for many years I was the same.

While it’s great being your own boss and having the freedom to work for yourself being a business owner can at times be very lonely. You’re at that point where you can’t afford to have staff, but there’s so much too do! After years of managing on my own, working long hours as the clients increased and spending too much time often trying to do something technical that could have taken an expert a fraction of the time I decided it was time to get a team.

My biggest fear was sharing my profit’s. I had worked hard building my business, making it more profitable. I didn’t really want to pay someone else to do stuff that really I thought I SHOULD be doing myself. Here’s what’s interesting. I actually make more money now than I did before I had a team. It’s simply that I am now concentrating on working with my Ideal Clients all of the time and my team do all of the tasks that I definitely shouldn’t. Outsourcing has been one the best decisions I made. My team consists of VA’s (Virtual Assistants working from their own home assisting in my technical and administration tasks) a PA that works with me in the office liasing with suppliers and clients, looking after my administration like Quotes, Newsletters and Social Media. A bookkeeper and accountant to take care of all the money stuff. I work less now than I have ever and my business run’s smoothly with a better bottom line. 

If you aren’t yet at the point of outsourcing what I encourage you to do is have a strategy that clearly defines what tasks would be the first to outsource when your business becomes too much for one person. If you are already overwhelmed and working more hours than you would like here is a great tool that will give you some ideas on what you should or could be outsourcing.