A lot of Interior Designers have asked me “How did you know when the time was right to launch your Interior Design business?”

Well basically there is no right or wrong answer. There will always be a need for Interior Designers and the sooner you establish yourself  the better.  More and more homeowners are seeking out professional services ensuring they make informed decisions.

If you are fully committed to your business, and you have reached the point where you are tired of:

  1. Being unhappy or unfulfilled in what you currently do
  2. You are done working for someone and following their rules
  3. Dreaming it’s happening and it’s still not your reality
  4. Waiting for the RIGHT time – because will there ever be one!

 The women I work with have made up their minds, there is no going back – they are going to be successful and they are 100% committed. There is no failure!

Because when  you make a stand, when you decide that you won’t settle for what you currently have, that you are ready for better, then it’s easy – it just is! Although it may not seem like it sometimes, when you are doing what you love or are passionate then it no longer feels like work.

When it’s hard, when you don’t know what to do next – when you are stuck and when there’s no support  – this is when it gets confronting.

But if knowing you can be supported, knowing that you don’t have to do it on your own and believing that it IS possible are all options then what do you have to lose?

I say DO IT, go for it, take that next step.

There are too many people that get to the end of their working lives and wish, wish they had done things differently.  Don’t be THAT person.

What I do suggest you do is ask yourself these things:

  1. Am I 100% committed?
  2. Can I do this on my own?
  3. Is failure an option?
  4. Have I got a plan?
  5. And lastly, Am I passionate?

When you have commitment, support, a no fail attitude, a plan in place and are completely passionate about what you do I can only see SUCCESS for you.

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