After numerous years of feeling the fear each time my accountant emailed me for the tax information she required I can finally celebrate why I now love the Tax Man.

For those of you who have followed my journey you will know the huge money transformation I have made. Those new to my community let me share briefly how much I have changed.

​It wasn’t that long ago that I would spend everything I had. Put money aside for the likes of GST and Tax – ah NO definitely not! Money flowed easily into my account but I didn’t seem to be able to keep it there. I had this money just calling to me to be spent. It wasn’t like I really needed the items either, I recklessly spent money with no regard for what the money maybe needed for in the future. Back then I was lucky my husband would loan me the money or I would have being paying interest on the money owed.


How have I changed, what have I done that has made me able to celebrate paying my tax or GST? I have invested in myself, I have taken courses, The Lucky Bitch Bootcamp and joined Kate Northrup’s Money Challenge and on a daily basis paid attention to the money that flows in or out of my account. Something I honestly never showed much interest in. I signed up to Xero  and took responsibility for understanding my accounts. I set financial target’s and tracked where my profits were coming from, I was grateful for the great paying clients I had and for the money that flowed easily into my account’s.

I am proud of how I have changed. I celebrate that my earnings have increased therefore the money I am paying the Tax Man continues to grow. It’s a positive part of doing business. I no longer feel fear when I get the accountant’s email, the money is there ready and waiting.

How are you going with your money goals? I’d love to hear your challenges and celebrations.

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