From fit and healthy one day to hospitalised the next. As we know life is precious and can change so very quickly.

What I noticed during this time was that while I have made some huge changes in my lifestyle over the years for the better, that there are still some areas that could do with attention. We can either look at WHY did this happen to me and get angry OR we can look at the opportunities to better ourselves and seek out different strategies we can use going forward.

I’m always keen to implement new strategies and here’s what I’ll be doing over the coming months to create more improved boundaries and space in my life.

Time to do nothing

I’ve always been an active relaxer. I’ve never been one to just sit and pass the time, it felt wasteful. From now on I’ll be creating space each day to do nothing – it may just be 5-10 minutes to start but I will be doing it.

Are you good at relaxing or could you work on making space to do more of it?

Live in the moment 

Most of us spend our days looking forward to tomorrow, that next long weekend, that next exciting job, or the new opportunities we see in our future. We then completely forget to enjoy the moment. I’ll be taking time to enjoy what going on in the moment so I don’t miss anything.

Business goes on

Lucky for me with the right family support I was able to stay in hospital and not worry about a thing. But more importantly because I had the systems and team in place my business continued on without me.

Accounts were up to date, purchase orders and client correspondence was maintained. And best of all my clients waited!

Could your business go on without you right now? If that’s not the case what could you change or implement going forward?

I love what I do

Not being able to work reminded me of how much I love my work. How lucky am I that I get to do what I love. I work the hours I want, I get to choose the clients I work with, and of course I’m only limited by what I want to achieve.

If you’re still working for someone else helping them build their business then perhaps it’s time you started planning your own. What’s your dream?

Stay focused on your dream

If I can share one piece of great advice over my 20 years in the design industry – stay focused. While at times I doubted my success and wondered how I would get my next client I always stayed focused on my dream of growing my own business. At times it’s been hard and stressful but the fun, enjoyment and reward of all my happy clients have made it absolutely worth it.

Do you have a dream to have your own Interior Design business? Then what’s your first step to making it your reality…

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