Donna Jones

Donna Jones

I have spent the last 20+ years building my own successful Interior Design business. I have since created my ultimate lifestyle that works for me and my family. After a number of great jobs in the sales and marketing world I stopped working to have a family.

This was when I discovered my passion for design. We had already moved three times in our first couple of years of marriage and building and renovating to me was fun. I discovered a part time course through the Nanette Cameron School of Design and decided it would be great to study something that interested me. I never considered it to be my future career.

Continuing my studies over the next three years I discovered a natural talent I hadn’t really appreciated before. It was then that friends and family noticed I could help them too. Initially I started helping friends, neighbours and friends of friends. I loved it!

I was in my element, this wasn’t working this was fun! – finally I had discovered my real passion and this got me excited. I wanted to work, but being employed again and working set hours just didn’t appeal. I wanted flexibility and freedom to be my own boss, I wanted time to spend with family but also to have my own interests.

I wanted to get involved in the industry and so I joined the committee of the Interior Design Guild working with a team of women who were also passionate about design. Attending many industry events I keep myself in touch with latest trends and product launches and have been travelling to overseas events to fulfil my interest in learning more. Because I love giving back and sharing within my own industry I have lead a group of Interior Designers over the last 10 years in a strong networking group which has enhanced and enriched all of our businesses.

Working on everything from renovations, new builds and commercial projects for clients and myself I have built a strong network of suppliers who I know and trust to help me provide an exceptional service to my clients.

My business has grown into one which I am extremely proud of. The clients I work with are fantastic and my industry peers supportive.

So the next logical step for me was to follow a passion which dates back to my school years and wanting to be a teacher. I had abandoned this as a career choice more than 25 years ago but to my delight I have come full circle to give back to others and share my knowledge.

With many awards for Service by the leading platform for home renovation and design.

Design Success was created to show other Interior Designers that you too can turn that dream into a reality and have the lifestyle you desire. Whether you are an interior designer just starting out, or you have been in the industry for years my programs and workshops are full of content that will take you from overwhelm, frustration or just been stuck in your same old ways. I will help you get RESULTS and give you the confidence to succeed. Click here to find out more

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Donna Jones
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