Here are some of the lovely things that people have said about the Design Success Program.

“If you are on the fence about doing Donna Jones design success course….Get off and do it. Because Donna is an incredible coach and leader in this space. Her integrity drives from incredible values and she whole-heartedly wants YOU to succeed. I love recommending clients to Donna!”
Natatlie Tolhopf

“Donna is an incredible mentor. Always bringing her experience and positive attitude to every session. She has fantastic guidance and suggestions for anyone looking to grow their business and pursue their passion.”

Lucy Taggart,

“Just had the most fantastic day on Donna Jones’ Design Success Express Workshop!!!! Feeling inspired, informed, excited and armed.”

Lisa Howard
“Your workshop was fantastic thanks Donna I have started putting all I learnt into action and it’s been great! Thank you!”
Kate Gillespie

“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to take part in your wonderful and inspiring Design Success workshop! Since completing the course I have gained a huge amount of self-confidence not only in myself but my business and I look forward to all the great things that lie ahead.

Going out on your own can be hugely rewarding, but with it too can be the feeling of isolation. I no longer feel like this is a daunting journey I must take on my own, because through Design Success I have meet some amazing, talented likeminded woman and a network of support I can trust.

I feel I now have the right tools and connections to go forward have confidence in my ideas and grow my business!

Donna your energy and enthusiasm for life is inspiring and infectious, thank you for being honest and open with your own struggles and successes you have had on your own journey it helps me to think anything is possible if you want it bad enough. I had some real struggles and hurdles when I first started my business and I know how easy it can be to give up when the going gets tough!  But I didn’t and I can honestly say each time I have put myself out there I get rewarded.

On a daily basis I use your tools or think of all the positive advise you have given us girls, it’s often how I start my day! Thank you again for developing this course and sharing your knowledge.

This is not the end but only the beginning!”

Jodi Newnham - Swag Design

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed & how valuable I found Donna’s ten week program. Having learnt the creative side of Interior Design, the content in her course was incredibly relevant for running a business. Her knowledge & enthusiasm is exactly what I needed when embarking on this new venture.

I would highly recommend this program as it gives you up-to-date skills, plus ongoing mentoring for running an Interior Design company.

Thank you so much Donna for opening a door to the next stage in my career.”

Robyn Crosswell - The Presenters

“I started Donna’s program with a love for interior design but no idea how to turn that into a part time business for myself.

Each week I learnt countless details that gave me the framework to get tasks done, with the added support and encouragement from Donna and the lovely group of like minded women. I finished the course achieving all my goals and started working in my dream job.

Thank you so much Donna, your course is so rewarding and enjoyable.”

Kim Kodak, Timeless Design Ltd

“Wow. What a journey it has been! Thank you so much Donna I am truly grateful that you’ve come into my life. What a positive and amazing experience it has been!

I believe there is a large gap between what you learn in interior design courses/degrees and the real world practicalities of running a successful business. Design Success bridges this gap perfectly and provides a support framework to ensure you build a successful business with solid foundations.

I’ve been practicing interior design for many years and when I went out on my own recently I found myself feeling tired, overwhelmed and anxious. Was I using the most efficient processes? Was I charging the right amount? Was I attracting my ideal clients? the short answer was no, no and no. All these questions and more were keeping me awake at night.

When I look back and compare the head space I was in when I first started Design Success to now, the results are awesome and very humbling. I’m now feeling confident, motivated, optimistic and excited about the future of my practice. I’m confident that my business is going to be successful, that I’m going to attract my ideal clients and going to have a healthy work/life balance.

I truly believe Design Success has saved my money and time. I shudder to think about the countless amounts of wasted hours I’d still be spending on trying to figure out the best processes and practices for my business if it hadn’t been for the course.

On top of that I’ve gained great relationships with suppliers, contractors and above all amazing ongoing friendships with the fellow interior designers that were on the course. Donna herself is simply inspirational. She sets the tone for the course to be open, honest, non-judgemental, supportive and positive. Everyone is there to help.

Thank you Donna for giving me the tools to keep doing what I love doing! I’m going to miss our weekly sessions!”

Hayley-Anne Brown, Lou Brown Design

“After a chance, or rather fated meeting with Donna, at the Aalto Christmas lunch, I quickly learnt that she could be the answer to my prayers, and she was just that. I am a degree qualified designer with a distinct specialism in house doctoring, my broader experience was gained under the umbrella of larger organisations overseas. So as a relative newbie to NZ, setting up on my own was a big step and I was unprepared for the business that snowballed in relatively quickly. I felt I was drowning at the best of times and most certainly didn’t have a work/life balance.

Donna’s course was exactly what I needed to get my life back on track. Donna shared her knowledge and experiences in everything from business planning to sales and marketing strategies and most importantly for me, setting up a support structure and processes that allow you to create a work/live balance. The support of the network is also an undeniable asset to this course and the sense of camaraderie between designers that Donna creates is a refreshing change! Donna is absolute joy and privilege to know and her course reflects her energy and positivity for loving the life you are in.”

The House Doctor,

“Donna’s course Design Success was extremely useful to me as it gave me the confidence to translate my desire to create beautiful spaces into desire to build a business.  Donna generously shared with the group her industry knowledge during the course and continues to stand by her students even as the course is finished. As a person, Donna is as intensely professional as she is funny and human.

If you are a young designer or even not sure if you want to become one, Design Success will shine the light.  Highly recommend.”

Olga Skorik, Ermitage Design

“Donna Jones is an inspiration to anyone running an interior design business! She shares with you the tools to running a successful business. She helps you gain confidence by encouraging you to believe in your abilities and charge what you are worth, which ultimately will attract the right kind of clientele that you deserve. She has a positive outlook on work/ life balance and makes achieving your goals sound easy. She is hard working and knows how to put systems in place to help get things done.

Thank you Donna Jones for being a great mentor and inspiration! I have learned a lot from you.

I hope that your courses continue to be a success and help lots of entrepreneurs.”


“Hey, I just wanted to say, the video link in the Design Success email below was FANTASTIC.  Your passion and inspiration behind it is very obvious.  You have something that few have in their work, complete fulfilment, not only with your own job but the ability to “pass on your knowledge” to “your ladies” to ensure they have the best opportunity to realise their ambition too. WELL DONE Donna

Great work and inspiration”

Martin Bolton

“I just have to say… A HUGH THANK YOU! You are an amazing mentor. I am only 3 weeks in to your program an have already made leaps and bounds in my business thanks to your advice, openness and support.

Looking forward to the next 7 weeks! Keep on keeping on!:)

Hayley Brown

“I was certainly at the cross-roads of whether I would actually do anything with my three year interior design studies. I had learnt great practical, technical and design skills in my sturdy, I was confident in my abilities, but lacking the confidence or knowledge of how to set myself up as a freelance interior designer.

Two colleagues from my interior design course had previously enrolled on Donna Jones’s Design Success program. Watching their progress and listening to their feedback gave me the boost I needed to enrol on Design Success.

Wow, what a great experience. Donna has detailed a logical step-by-step approach of how to go about creating a successful design business, including topics of how much to charge, how to keep yourself accountable to your vision, how to get your name out into the industry, specific marketing approaches, identifying and attracting your ideal clients to name a few.

Conducted in a group situation, the benefit is being with like-minded, business minded people, sharing your visions, your queries and most appropriately your successful outcomes.

Donna is such an inspirational person – creating such a motivating, informative, open and fun learning forum. Thanks to you Donna, Liz Halpin Design has been created! Forever grateful for your insight and wisdom.”

Liz Halpin, Liz Halpin Design

“We had been in business as a Home Staging Company for just over a year when we decided to join Donna’s Design Success program. Any doubt of how an interior design focused course would benefit our business was very quickly put to rest.

The tools and ideas Donna has shared with us together with her amazing energy and enthusiasm have been invaluable. We now have a clearer focus on where we want our business to head, with specific goals/targets already in motion.

We can not thank Donna enough for her amazing support and genuine interest in wanting us to succeed and have a truly rewarding lifestyle. We wish you nothing but the best for your future Donna”

Tracey and Anna, AT Home staging

“I have really enjoyed Donna’s Design Success course, her enthusiasm and energy are infectious. I have learnt practical ways to get my interior design business started, and I now have some clear plans and goals to action. Donna has been really encouraging, helping me with my social media reservations, and getting my online presence started.”

Sian Losken

“I have just finished a three year course with Nanette Cameron Interior Design and wasn’t sure where to turn next, how to actually get out there and run the business side of things.

The Design Success Program with Donna Jones seemed perfect. This course has been a massive inspiration and Donna is full of energy and enthusiasm, her passion for interiors is immense. I now have a registered business and I am up and running. Thank you so much Donna, for giving me the confidence I needed.”

Lisa Mallet

“Design Success was the perfect program at the perfect time. As a new business, I was searching for help with a framework around which I could grow my business and that is exactly what Design Success provided.

The content was relevant and I particularly found it a great help in defining steps, priorities and goals. Also the camaraderie of fellow participants and the network of like-minded and positive designers that has come from this program is invaluable. Donna’s friendly and positive teaching method is so enjoyable and her encouragement and affirming ways push you to challenge your boundaries.

I thoroughly recommend this program to both new designers and established designers who are looking to refine their systems and expand their business.”

Cindy McDonald, Soul Interior Design

“As a design graduate I felt there was a huge void between the world of design theory and what it was to be a practicing designer in the industry. I was searching for a beginning… a way forward in my career. I knew where I wanted to head, but was lacking the practical skills and connections required for me to build my new business.

Donna’s course bridged that gap seamlessly. With practical current content and Donna’s generosity in sharing her personal knowledge and connections I am now armed with some fantastic tools and strategies to build a solid foundation for my start-up business.

For those of you looking to learn and grow your business this is the ideal supportive environment to get ‘tooled up’ and out there to take ownership of your passion and your future.

Thank you Donna. I am so pleased that our paths met and I had the opportunity to learn so much.”

Karen Candy, K Candy & Co

”Donna’s Design Success program not only provided me with tools and systems to improve and grow my business, her enthusiasm, positivity and self-belief, and brought about a complete shift in my mind-set. I noticed, even early on in the course, I was starting to feel and act like the successful Interior Designer I strive to be and that is empowering!

As a result I feel more confident and have started attracting more of my ideal clients. What move can I say, thank you, Donna.”

Lesley Bros, Lesley Bros Interiors

”Donna Jones is a successful and inspiring business woman with a passion for Interior Design. I thoroughly recommend her Design Success Program, it is ideal for anyone wanting to launch their Interior Design business.

In this program Donna generously shares her industry knowledge and experience and takes participants through the steps required to identify and develop their brand and confidently promote their business.”

Maggie Gardner

“I was at the stage where I wanted to step my business up a level and was looking at getting a business mentor.  I knew about Donna’s Design Success Program in Auckland and was thrilled when she offered this course online.

The Design Success course has given me the confidence to implement all the ideas and suggestions that Donna has provided. I now have a renewed passion for my business and having put many of the tools and ideas into practise I am already starting see the results!

Donna’s natural passion, enthusiasm and generosity flows through and I can’t recommend this course highly enough.“

Debbie Mills Robertson, Blue Nautilus Interior Design

“Donna’s program ‘Design Success’ was instrumental in my decision to launch my Interior Design business, ‘Decorate 26.’

Donna’s willingness to share her knowledge and expertise, combined with encouragement, inspiration and positivity, made my decision to set up my own business, a decision that was not only informed, but also left me with no doubt that it is indeed possible to realise your dreams!

Surrounded by a group of women with shared experiences, aspirations and goals, it was easy to relate, relax, be supported, and, to provide support in return. I would not hesitate to recommend Donna’s Design Success Program to anyone else contemplating a career, or wanting to boost the skills already learned, in Interior Design. I look forward to continuing the relationships that were started on the Design Success Program, with Donna and the wonderful group of Interior Designers that I have had the privilege to meet.”

Sharleen Hucker, Interior Designer @ Decorate26
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