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I have always LOVED money. I loved earning it, I loved spending it, I loved sharing it.

But… There was one thing I had never done,  shown it respect.

Pretty much the minute it had come into my account I would be thinking of how I could spend it. Now you may think …”all nice for Donna she has plenty of money!” Right! But that’s not the case at all. I’m going to be totally honest with you here. GULP (hard for me to fess up and say this as I am still embarrassed that this is how I have acted in the past!)

Only a few short years ago I used to spend all my income from my business AHHHH! really I did. Now I was in the fortunate position to have not been the main income earner for the family so I had a husband to bail me out. I’ll tell you he wasn’t too happy about it at the time and he’s a pretty easy going guy too!

What I did was reckless. I had not put aside money for GST, my tax, unforeseen bills, just no buffer at all. When this happened I thought oh well, Pete will bail me out. He had done so many times over the years, just small things, like spending before I actually had the money in my account. NO RESPECT FOR MONEY!

BUT… This time it was a pretty big bill. I felt sick about my money situation, actually I felt like I had really stuffed up. Because, this wasn’t the first time as I mentioned. Since I was a child I had pretty much had everything I wanted. Not because I had parents with a lot of money, but because I had loving, caring parents who only wanted the best for me. I had grown up with so much LOVE and generosity surrounding me I never really wanted for anything. This then carried over into my wonderful marriage. I married an amazing husband who has always been totally supportive but when it came to money I thought he was TIGHT. I had been used to spending or buying what ever I wanted and the more he told me I couldn’t have things the more I wanted them. So I would get them anyway and wait for the telling off. NO RESPECT FOR MONEY!

It wasn’t until I started working with my business mentor Catherine Newton that I started to realise I had some very limiting beliefs around money. What’s exciting and it’s what I want to share with you is that I now know I can change these beliefs for more positive ones.  SHOW RESPECT FOR MONEY So… I have implemented some great rituals around money and I would love to share them with you. Here is what I have now put into my daily practise:

  • I appreciate my money and respect it
  • I look at my bank account each morning and I am grateful for all the money I have in my account
  • I think consciously about every purchase that I make. NO unnecessary spending i.e. : buying new clothes when do I REALLY need them.
  • I always keep cash in my wallet

It’s very empowering knowing that I have changed the way I think about my MONEY. As my bank balance continues to grow I RESPECT it more and more.

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